Brooklyn Bounce


ABSOLUTELY one of the BEST dance / club artists of all time! 


This trio of artists from Germany have been heating up the dance charts since 1996!


With their euro-flavor and hot dance style, they are an act that will continue to

keep us moving on the dancefloor for years to come, in both the U.S. and abroad! 





  "Crazy"  MP3  Video




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Album Cover

 Track Title



 1)  X2X (We Want More)




  1)  Loud And Proud

 2)  Bring It Back




  1)  Born To Bounce

  2)  Bass, Beats & Melody

  3)  Club Bizarre


   1)  Canda

  2)  Funk U


  1)  Contact                                       


  1)  Get Ready To Bounce

  2)  The Theme (Of Progressive Attack)